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At 90 Degrees we believe inspiration begets inspiration. We feel creativity and inspiration are greatly influenced by one's very environment. Therefore, our commitment to finding business solutions is attached at the hip to looking and being different from the pack.

90 Degree Office Concepts has been designed with the forward thinker in mind. We focus our attention on style, user-friendliness, flexibility and cost conservation. Questions about how we can best serve and inspire our clients perennially dominate our thinking.


Question: How can we provide enough style that sets our users apart from the hum-drum prevalent in the office environments today?

Answer: By taking a 90 degree turn in thinking from the common and offering up uncommon designs and using materials not available in office furniture.


Question: How can we provide furniture that removes the complex dealer design and installation process?

Answer: By creating furniture that is sustainable yet capable of being installed by the novice.


Question: How can we produce a sustainable product that suits the design and function needs of our users?

Answer: Options, options, and more options. We work with you and provide an array of surface materials; woods, metals, laminates and glass colors, to choose from and help design your look that sets you part. Together with style we provide options that make our furniture as movable and flexible as you need.


Question: How can we provide a sustainable product that is cost efficient?

Answer: We design and build products by using materials and implementing creativity that is tailored to a conservation profile.

The Company

90 Degrees is a directional metaphor that reminds us that being creative and forward thinking is what drives us. Our focus is on office trends in style and providing new ways to solve emerging challenges within the office environment.

Our staff has designed and manufactured furniture for decades, and we are committed to using our expertise and creative ability to provide our clients new and innovative products that excites the imagination.

Our products were born out of great questions about you...

How can we create a product and bring it to market using old fashion American craftsmanship and still be affordable to a wide market? How can we design and create a product that is aggressively innovative and still have appeal to a slightly more conservative market? How can we create enough flexibility into our product to compete with the rapidly changing world? How can we create a product that updating color and style would be simple easy and cost effective? How can we design and manufacture a product that is completly user friendly whereby clients can save money on costly installations? Out of those questions and more, we give you 90 Degree Office Concepts.

Indigenous to our products are the things you want in office furniture

In our combined years of manufacturing and selling office furniture we have discovered key expectations that users in the office furniture marketplace look for; product style, product integrity, affordability, product availability, knowledgeable assistance and product flexibility.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts our product and services have been imbued with these key mindsets. Our goal is to create a transitional experience for our clients; one that is different from commonalities in the office furniture sales arena. For years, our founders have been custom manufacturing office furniture for clients because often what the client wants may not be available in their color, size, description or budget. We believe furniture should be built around the way you do business and not have you do business around how the furniture is made.


We know your style is important. Your style communicates your business ideas to your audience be it internal or external. Your style is part of who you are as a company. We believe your style and culture should be apparent in every aspect of your business. For that reason we offer an endless array of choices in colors, materials and sizes in our products, a style for everyone.  At 90 Degree Office Concepts we have products to suit the style needs of everyone.

Product integrity

We believe our product should do what you need it to do and be true to it while doing so. The furniture you buy is a tool to help you do your business better and faster. With that in mind we have built flexibility into our products and system. We want to offer you the right tool to do the right job.


It is because of our unique system and our ability to bring our products to the marketplace without the aid of layers of profit sharing agents that we can provide our customers with factory-direct pricing.

Product availability

Our products are made in America. We don’t have to wait months for boats to come in bearing products that were back ordered. All our products are made to order just for you, in your color, size and style.

Knowledgeable assistance

Our products are backed by a knowledgeable staff that can help you capture the essence of your business in design, usage, layout and personality.


In today’s business we see flexibility as extremely important. Often times workers have multiple tasks and the office furniture needs to support those tasks. With the high cost of real estate, spaces may have to double or triple its duty. Teams may often spontaneously meet. Whatever your business needs, we can help you build in the flexibility your space needs to transition from task to task or space to space. Built-in flexibility will help you do your work better and with greater ease.

Our products promise a lifetime commitment to style, integrity, affordability, availability, knowledge and flexibility. Are you curious to see if our products will make your business sizzle?
Fill out our Contact Us form or call us at 855-My90Degree to speak to a 90 Degree Office Concepts professional.

Sometimes you like it cool.

Sometimes you like it hot.

Sometimes you want it hard,

And sometimes you want it soft.

It doesn’t matter how you like it, get it your way at 

90 Degree Office Concepts.

We realize you have preferences that may be different from anybody else, so why should you have to settle for what your neighbor chooses just because they tell you, you have limited choices? You can spread the wings of your imagination at 90 Degree Office Concepts. You can choose your design, material, color, finish, shape and size simply by request. We will build it your way.

01Don’t waste valuable real estate space just to accommodate ready-made sizes.

02Don't give up on the best performance for your system because the shape you need isn’t in a box.

03Don’t settle for the next best thing if your design preference isn’t available in the color you prefer in some showroom.

04Don’t give up on your dream just because the furniture you want is out of reach for your budget.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, you can choose contemporary office furniture and “paint with all the colors of the rainbow”.

Got Office Space? - At a loss as to where to begin?

Empty office space, it’s confusing, meaningless, without style, personality or purpose. What do you do with it? Where do you begin? What do you need to know? How much will it cost you? How do you know what pieces to select, what sizes fit and where to place them? These are all tough questions for the average person. If you are like most people setting up a new office or redoing an existing one, chances are you are not an expert in office design. And that’s okay because with the aid of 90 Degree Office Concepts, we can help you bring your baron, lifeless space to modern office life.

With the services we provide, we can take you step by step through the analysis, synthesis, evaluation and implementation stages of office design with ease. No matter where you are in the process we can help. What that means to you is a simplification of planning details for your office. Irrespective of what your needs are, collaborative, private, systematic, conceptual or inspirational (to name a few) we can help you with the right plan. We will take you step by step through a simple planning cycle.


This is our understanding stage You can help us analyze your business your business operations whereby we become clear what your needs are i.e. systems of operation, job details, equipment needs, space, lighting, perception and more. You can help us understand what you do, how you do it now, and what you envision for the future of your company. We can look at the systems you have in place and understand how they can be best supported and/or help you find ways to do it faster and/or more organized.


This is our stage to find the supporting tools. We can show you the best tool we think will help you do all the things you want to do now and in the future. We can help you understand the relationship between the where you are now, where you want to get to, and the best tools to help you get there. In this stage you can select the best size, shape, color material and style that will best suit all the conditions determined through Analysis.

03Planning budgets

This is getting hard facts. After the understanding and clarity of what it takes to help you get where you want to go, we get your budget projections and use those as a guideline in design recommendations.

04Organizing Space

This aids visual perception. Once we have all the ideas in place we reduce them to a two dimensional drawing, which provides a visual concept of placement, size and spatial relationships. We tweak those relationships until we have the exact details to your liking.


This is where we bring everything together.  We can help you bring together all the ideas, materials, tools and budget into one common sensible plan. We can help you design the furniture that is best suited for your business needs.

  • No need to waste space because of buying furniture that is only close to your size. You can have it exact.
  • No need to waste time trying to find the right color and settling for something only close.
  • No need to settle for the wrong material because the one you found won’t wear as well, when you can get it right the first time.
  • No need to settle for the wrong shape if another will serve your needs better.
  • No need to settle for cheap imports because of a strict budget.

06Finishing touches

You will be provided with a full scale color rendering of your furniture, in your color scheme, in your room with your flooring, so you can completely visualize your office completed.


A build order is placed and a delivery date and installation is set.   We are a small company with no interest in being massive. This philosophy allows you to get personal attention, service, style and timeframes. We are the manufacture of the furniture we offer, so the buck stops here.

  • All of our furniture is built to order, just for you, so your personality is the common theme in your office.
  • Because your furniture is built just for you, you avoid the cloned office look.
  • We build to order so you get to choose the image your company wants to promote


We offer full product installation for all of our furniture. Our national network of professional office furniture installers is at your disposal ready, willing and able to bring your modern office vision to life.

Our Design Philosophy

Our philosophy at 90 Degree Office Concepts is that preparing modern office space is totally about design. Now when most people hear the words contemporary design, they think of the way something looks, and sometimes the way something performs. Together with those two elements we believe in a third; a totally congruent, captivating mindset that speaks to every fiber of who your company is, what you mean to your people and what you stand for with your customers. We help take your space from where it is today, to having it speak clearly in a physical language that is totally your own. 

QWho is 90 Degree Office Concepts?

AWe have created a unique element to your modern office design challenges by amalgamating the key areas of office design into one simplistic platform. We have brought together design, special order building, manufacturing, planning and installation under one proverbial roof.


QIs there a catalog of your products?

AOur modern office products are made to order just for you, so although we have products to show, our work has too much variety to capture in a single catalog.


QHow do I get pricing?

ASend us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. describing the contemporary office furniture you want, or even better a picture of a drawing.  Or simpley give us a call at 855-699-0334 to speak to an office furniture design professions.


QCan I choose my finishes?

AYes, 90 Degree Office Concepts offers an array of standard and custom finishes. We have a glimpse of the finishes available in our online finish gallery.  We have a plethora of materials, colors, finishes and supporting products available with thousands of samples that can be sent to you upon request. We will also work with you to create custom finishes to match existing furniture.


QHow Do I get furniture to fit my office?

A90 Degree Office Concepts is a design/build company. That means you can get the exact size furniture to fit your space without comprimising on design or wasting expensive real estate cost.


QHow do I know if I can afford the furniture I see on your website?

AWe build most of their furniture ourselves in own facility so there is no middleman to add to the costs.


QHow can I save money by dealing with 90 Degree Office Concepts?

AOften time’s furniture can be less expensive simply by manufacturing it in another material, finish or changing the style slightly. Our design professionals can help you create the furniture you love to match your budget.


QCan I get furniture not displayed on the website?

AThe short answer is YES!  90 Degree Office Concepts is a design/build company.  The products you see on line can be customized to accomodate your space and suite your style.  We can also build anything you have in mind or help you design and build something just for you.


QHow do I go about planning my office?

AThe first step in the process starts with consultation. Through an interview and analysis, the information you provide will offer clues as to what needs to get done and help us get started with your new modern office design. You can have a phone conversation, email, or an on-site consultation if your offices are located in Florida.


QHow far out from my project completion date should I contact 90 Degree Office Concepts?

AThe short answer is; the more time the better. However for small projects please allow a minimum of 4-5 weeks.


QDoes 90 Degree Office Concepts ship nationwide?

AYes, our freight department works with an array of carriers to find you the best rate possible to ship your new contemporary office furniture.


QDoes 90 Degree Office Concepts ship international?

A90 Degree Office Concepts can arrange to have your modern office furniture crated and delivered to your freight forwarder in Miami, Florida.

It does not matter if you want a single office desk, a chair, a cubicle, open workstation, or your are planning an entire floor of beautiful contemporary office furniture, 90 Degree Office concepts has the furniture to help you satisfy your dreams. Modern office furniture can help you prominently define your place in a contemporary business world.

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