How to Make First Impressions Impressive

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Did you know that the most important thing about making a great first on-site impression with your customers has little to do with the words coming out of your mouth, and everything to do with how you make them FEEL? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to prepare the energy of your office before you even think about inviting a prospective client there. You want the energy your space emits to be filled with positive thought.

What does that mean? Let’s say your office is designed in a way that places a real drain on your team. Well, guess what? Energy is contagious. It gets communicated over the phone, through e-mails and especially in person, because body language speaks louder than words. It’s true. Any negative energy in your office will only attract more negative energy.

I was in a restaurant the other day with my daughter and her friends. The waitperson who served our table just seemed to be in a really bad mood. I can certainly relate to having bad days from time to time, though I make it a habit to minimize them, at least in my mind. I’m more of a playful type, particularly when I’m out to eat or having an encounter with a clerk or cashier. I like everyone to have a good time, even the wait staff, and I hope they have a good experience serving, as well. This time, it seemed that no matter what I said or did, our waitress simply refused to project positive energy. She never smiled or engaged with anyone at the table. Inevitably, by the time we had all finished our meal, everyone was talking about what a sourpuss she was being. Her energy was contagious.

Your office environment works in exactly the same way. If you feel good about the office where you are working and the space is giving off positive energy, others will actually feel good in the space around you, and they will begin to emit positive energy, as well. Good energy in your office, in turn, attracts good people, good experiences and more good energy.

In preparation, you can secure your experience (and results) with a modern office space that feels good before you even invite anyone in. Think through the visual experience you want your customers to have. Is it boring and antiquated, or is it a modern office and speaks today’s language? Planning that office experience in advance works best. You can plan where they sit and the tools they will be able to access, showing you care about their needs. You can plan what they hear and smell, and the way they will be treated by your team.

By the time your receptionist is standing in front of your guest, the visit becomes an once-in-a-lifetime experience for you -- and for them. You want to make sure that he or she really connects with your guest. It’s such a gift to provide someone with your undivided attention, to really share with them and facilitate an exchange. Look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake. Ask questions that allow them to feel your concern for their well-being, and listen and respond accordingly. Let your guest read unconsciously that you, your space, and your people have everything to give…and include a warm smile.

First impressions are usually created at the entrance to your workplace. Make it warm and inviting. Make your reception area warm and contemporary. Have it communicate to your guests that they are welcome. Remember, with these suggestions in place, people will ultimately be more attracted to you and your company, and they will remember you by the way you make them feel.

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