Consistently Enhancing Your Brand

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 There was someone I use to work with, his name was James. James was always late. Whenever we had an appointment together, I would never know if James would show up or how late he would be. It used to drive me crazy. At some point early on I began to realize I could not trust or depend upon his word. Whenever he told me something I began to doubt his fulfillment. Now, even though I knew he was a great person, warm, friendly and funny, what I didn’t know is when to trust and when not to trust. Although personally I liked the guy, however his inconsistency did not work well for my business needs. What I realized out of this relationship is how much consistency matters. His lack of consistency affected our trust together, emotional expectation, communication, and my ability to depend on him.

In much the same manner company consistency strikes the same cords. According to principles of consistency, systems are more usable and learning in is much easier when parts of a system function together in the same manner with other parts. Consistency enables the exchange of information, understanding of that information, and adaptation can be made faster and with greater recall ability. When setting up your company profile, there are four types of consistency to be mindful of: aesthetic, functional, internal and external.

Enhancing Your BrandAesthetic Consistency

Aesthetic consistency relates to style and appearance (e.g., color scheme, office furniture style, and material). Aesthetic consistency enhances the visual, which relates to the overall message, which solidifies recognition, remembering, emotional expectations and association by design. The visual stimuli consistently applied drives home the point and makes it easy to make associations. Think of a great product or brand and chances are the visual impact of colors, logo, or style makes for easy association (e.g., you associate Mercedes silver logo with quality, or FedEx blue and red logo with on time delivery)

Functional Consistency

Functional consistency refers to consistency of meaning and action. Functional consistency in the office affords workers greater usability and learnability within the workspace by tapping into obvious workflow patterns. Using best suited office furniture designs, shapes, placement and sizes for the job and its required work will produce better and faster results plus reduce the learning curve.

Internal Consistency

Internal consistency refers to consistency within the system. When all the parts within the system are interrelated, it demonstrates evidence on thinking and planning rather than a patchwork application. A well planned office system from an emotional perspective helps to instill trust within the system and the organization itself. By way of example; in an open floor plan system whereby workstations are laid out and organized in a manner teams can work together, people and paper flow are well thought out, balance of noise distractions are addressed and technology provisions are installed, work becomes easier and more enjoyable.

External Consistency

External consistency refers to consistency with other elements in the environment. What this means for your office space is simply to take the designs of the internal system and make it applicable across all the systems throughout the organization. Before Microsoft and Apple became the dominant computer platforms, computer systems were all over the board and few could work together or exchange parts. We had companies like: Wang, DEC, Data General and IBM. The problems were, the systems were large, had independent applications, parts were costly and not interchangeable. It took external consistency to standardize product and make work easier and more affordable.

Designing your office works much the same way. Using consistency across the proverbial bandwidth in all four phases can make your brand more memorable, communicative, functional, and easier to understand, and save money in the process.

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