Using Nature to Enhance Office Performance

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It doesn’t matter if you are using modern cubicle office furniture, executive office furniture or if you have created a contemporary conference room environment, environments rich with nature views and imagery reduce stress and enhance focus and concentration.

For years poets, philosophers and writers have projected exposure to natural environments have produced restorative effects. In the past few decades, this calm has been tested thoroughly and findings show these age old proclamations do have emotional, cognitive and even physical benefits. Studies that have examined the effects of things like gardening, backpacking and exposure to nature pictures verses urban scenes substantiate the concept that natures affect ones state of being. The interesting thing is that the cognitive effects can be created with imagery as well as reality. Paintings, posters and window views can all do the same job.

The bioilia effect in your office, according to studies can enhance calm, encourage learning and promote physical well-being. Although some non-natural environments in your office may conjure similar accoutrements, nature scenes appear to be most consistent with most people. The results are believed to be derived from the way the prefrontal cortex processes nature as opposed to other imagery.

NaturePerformanceIn designing your office space you may do well with incorporating natural scenes into your environment. At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we believe the psychological components are an advantageous tool in creating an effective office environment and one that is often overlooked by the masses. Introducing nature into a contemporary office setting is a way to use modern and natural components either with color and/or with real and pictorial imagery.


Biobhilia is an effect introduced by: Erich Fromm and made popular by Edward Wilson. See The Biophilia Hypothesis