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Great Minds Think Alike...Or Do They

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Great Minds think alikeHistory rewards difference.

It is a commonly accepted belief that great minds think alike. At 90 Degree Office Concepts we believe the opposite is true. History demonstrates time and time again that great accomplishments have occurred over and over when great minds think in opposite directions of the norm. The Einstein’s the Edison’s each have thought differently from the rest of the world and produced great results. In more recent times we have John F Kennedy, who said “we are going to the moon”. We have Martin Luther King that helped change the course of racial imbalance in America. We have sill more recently Steve Jobs and Bill Gates that helped bring computer technology and communications to the forefront of our lives. Still further; we have the minds behind Google and Facebook that have changed the way we research, communicate and relate to one another. In each case we have minds that have gone in a different directions than what was true or popular at the time. Furthermore, a great mind in one field of endeavor may be ineffective in another.

You think differently, did you forget?

No doubt, the mind(s) behind your company are thinking differently as well. I would assert your company has a product, service, intelligence or manner behind itself that makes you unique, separated from everyone else. If you didn’t have that you would have no strategic selling advantage. There would be no reason for your customers to shop your wears as opposed to shopping your competition. Every person or company has something indigenous to who they are that makes them different. Maybe it is your quality mindedness or flagrant style that makes you different, or capacity for creativity or your ability to provide a feeling of security and/or safety. Whatever it is, your company’s mindset is different.

A Harley-Davidson for kids, I don’t think so

One demonstrative example of this is a story that involves Harley-Davidson. Several years ago they began manufacturing and selling dirt bikes, a motorcycle used for racing and jumping mounds of dirt and mud in off-road conditions. The style and dress of this type of rider is one of protective gear (padded pants and high boots etc.). This image is contrary to the image in the minds of customers. The image of a Harley is one of a big bike with a certain sound, look and feel. A Harley rider dresses in leather, bandanna and takes rides on long runs of open highway, looking and feeling tough, cool and free. The sound of a Harley is even distinctive, it’s throaty and ominous.

A Harley is not a bike for kids it is an adult bike with adult appeal. The difference between Harley –Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha is clearly different. There is a clear distinction in the minds of their audience both buying and observing that Harley’s are not 250 cc wining, jumping and bouncing machines. It is for this reason and others that Harley got out of the dirt bike business.

Harley realizes its differences in image and promotes those differences in the marketplace. It is clear and unmistakable in and outside their market, who they are, what they stand for and they communicate that difference to the world.

Celebrate your difference

Whatever difference you have been blessed with personally or professionally, honor it, salute it, and celebrate it openly. Often times who we are as a company gets lost in all the background and the day to day business activities take precedence over living our business fully. Our business lifestyles are as important as our personal ones. Finding ways to incorporate your difference into your business lifestyle is a way to celebrate who you are as a company. One way you can celebrate is by having your office visuals in congruence with that difference.

We want to celebrate with you

A celebration is just not as affective without the accoutrements to make it real. A New Years Eve celebration is just not the same without the noisemakers, hats and banners. Your office needs the same effective background appointments to harmonize with your style. At 90 Degree Office Concepts we want to offer you the tools to express yourself in whatever manner celebrates your business lifestyle. We want to help you celebrate you.

Our array of color choices, textures, materials, combinations and styles gives you the available options to reflect your lifestyle. You can paint with all the colors of the rainbow or you can find safety in subtlety. Whatever you choose for a business lifestyle, we can help you capture it.