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Making First Impressions Impressive

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There is an old cliché’ that still holds true today: You have only one chance to make a first impression. When customers first encounter your product, service or experience, they will first size it up for its attractiveness. Do they find it beautiful, sophisticated, cute, novel or serious in a way that feels good? These questions are not far out of the box. The fact is that the aesthetic values in an object are the way people perceive it. Whether or not you pay attention to it, the expression your reception area will elicits from your customers will be a defining moment as to what they think about your brand.

The fact is according to design expert John Edson: Aesthetic attractiveness is a way to create extreme emotional attachment, to a product or brand. I talked to a friend the other day that had bought a brand new car. In conversation he relayed all the cool features, what they do, how they work. He went on to share the experience he had in picking the right model and how great the warranty was for him. He told me about the price he had paid which was more than he really wanted to spend for a car but he had to have it. I had recently read an article on that particular car in a trade magazine and I shared with him all the money and time the manufacturer had spent on its design to bring it to market. His comment to me about the money spent was; “that’s nuts” to go to all that effort and cost for design. So as the conversation was coming to a close and he finished telling me about all the technical aspects of his new car, I said to him; so what first attracted you to this car? His response was; “It is the coolest thing I ever saw”.

It seems pretty obvious to me that the car manufacturer knew the benefits of investing time and money into design, because it would create an extreme emotional attachment that allowed them after the fact, to show off all their functional features. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about cars, boats, office furniture or potato peelers; design is usually the first line of defense. If the design is cool it creates a subconscious emotional attraction that allows customers to look further.

Making First Impressions

Office reception areas are no different, they are a company’s first encounter with a client, and you only have one chance to make a first impression. First impressions have a language all their own. You can choose what you want it to say. First impressions are not something to take lightly. Like the car company that put in the time, money and forethought into the design of their car, business’s today need to think clearly about the reception office furniture they choose, and what they want it to say. While modern and/or contemporary office furniture may say one thing, classic and traditional furniture may say another. While light color woods in the right environment may suggest open and airy, darker tones may, in the right environment suggest a warmer feel.

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