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Using Influence Techniques in Your Office

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Cats and Dogs do it

My friend has two cats and she gives them a special dietary food blend that they eat every day. However on occasion they get the luxury of canned tuna. This is a special day for them insofar as it’s a routine interrupt and they love the experience. One thing I’ve noticed, no matter where they are in the house, when the tuna can opens they come running. This is pretty much what Ivan Pavlov discovered with his dogs; it’s called classical conditioning.

Classical Conditioning

A process of behavior modification in which a subject learns to respond in a desired manner such that a neutral stimulus (the conditioned stimulus ) is repeatedly presented in association with a stimulus (the unconditioned stimulus ) that elicits a natural response (the unconditioned response ) until the neutral stimulus alone elicits the same response (now called the conditioned response ). For example, in Pavlov's experiments, food is the unconditioned stimulus that produces salivation, a reflex or unconditioned response. The bell is the conditioned stimulus, which eventually produces salivation in the absence of food. This salivation is the conditioned response.

American Heritage Science Dictionary

Birds, Fish and Humans do it

Classical conditioning is a type of learning studied by behavioral physiologist. It was discovered with laboratory dogs insofar as they began salivating when people would enter the room because they associated people entering the room with being fed. This type of associated response mechanism is applicable with all types of animals, birds, fish and human alike. Trainers use classical conditioning to modify behavior of animals and television and magazine advertisers use it to associate product and services with specific thoughts and feelings. Images of attractive people stimulate reward centers in the brain, and condition positive association with product, services, and behaviors. Human emotions condition quickly and easily to associated stimuli.

People in Your Office do it

Using contemporary or modern office furniture as a classical conditional tool is one way to influence the perception of your clients and associates. By way of example, generally speaking, the construed perception of a client walking into your reception area outfitted with modern styled reception furniture may be one that sees your company as forward thinking. At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we believe visual appeal is the first step in creating a positive impression, pretty much the same way that advertisers use attractive people. As preprogramed beings, often times we cannot get past how someone or something looks to explore underlying possibilities.

Office Furniture does it too

On one hand functional office furniture is a useful tool to get work done, on another hand having quality stylish commercial office furniture is a way to marry form and function under the same roof. Using office furniture together with classical conditioning in mind you will be able use this subtle but powerful tool to influence specific kinds of behaviors. Repeated pairings of a design or theme with a trigger stimulus will condition an association over time. Examples of positive trigger stimuli include anything that causes pleasure or evokes a positive emotional response- a picture of nature, an outstanding conference room, a unique desk, or an attention grabbing reception area. Examples of negative trigger stimuli are anything that causes pain-an uncomfortable chair, a drawer that sticks, distracting paint color, or dirty cubicle furniture.

We do it

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we have designed our business model around helping our clients connect the dots between performance and classic conditional environments. If you or your company can use our assistance in creating an office environment best suited for your needs, email us for a free design consultation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 855-699-0334.