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Knowing How To Save Money on Office Furniture

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Saving money is not done by accident. Finding ways to cut cost is something that almost every American is looking to do. Even people with plenty of money are looking for ways to cut costs. The only problem is that in most cases you get what you pay for. There are few real bargains. I frequently use the expression, the only free cheese is in the mouse trap. This means that if something is cheap there, is usually a good reason why. Furthermore, that reason is not generally good for the consumer. After looking deeper into pricing, you will normally find that things like poor construction, discontinuation of product or parts, or even the fact that you have to pay for some other service or product are responsible for the lower price. Other deal breakers might be that you have buy more than you need, products are approaching expiration date, or some other ingenious plan that was conjured up somewhere.

On the other hand, buying quality products is different story. Although you might get better quality products by paying the price, the price is normally so high that it puts most middle market buyers out of the ballpark. Buying office furniture is no different. These days, there seems to be three main markets for office furniture: used, new economy and new quality furniture. There are bonuses and things to be aware of about each market consideration.

Used Furniture

Buying good quality used furniture is without a doubt a great way to save money on office furniture. There are some good American made products in the marketplace. However, the dilemma is knowing what you are getting in advance.

When a used furniture buyer goes into a large office to buy used furniture, generally he must take it all. The problem is that office workers can be placed into two categories: neat and not-so-neat workers. So the assortment of office furniture will need to be thoroughly scanned for stains, foot marks, and dents. This means that there is no way to guarantee separation. Together with that, how do you blend different products together without having it look like the office was thrown together from a garage sale?

So the question becomes how do you want your company represented?

Economy Furniture

By reason of expense, most economy office furniture is manufactured offshore. Juxtaposing labor costs of American office furniture and let’s say, Chinese furniture, hands down will have lower cost with the offshore furniture. On the flip side, there are other things besides the low labor cost that you must consider. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying knocked down furniture.

In order to lower cost, that cut must come from somewhere. Things like material cost, labor cost and freight are just a few areas where costs can be cut during the building phase. Aside from the obvious labor and material costs, shipping flat dense cartons make freight cost lower and at the same time, creates a tradeoff between flat furniture panels that are assembled out of a box and furniture that is securely built with industrial glue and screws and craftsman ingenuity.

Quality Furniture

There is no doubt that quality American crafted furniture speaks for itself. The construction is genuine and design is timely and the finishing is outstanding. There is nothing like looking at, feeling, and even smelling good quality furniture. Using it is even a privilege.

The challenge here is that the price puts this type furniture out of the reach of a large percentage of the market. You can’t blame the manufactures for hefty prices because of their marketing system. Most large American office furniture manufactures have two, three, or four levels of pricing to get through to the consumer. With those considerations in place, it’s no wonder why prices are what they are.

Furniture Solutions

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we have found the solution! We have created a threesome by marrying office furniture with design intelligence, American craftsmanship, and a marketing plan that sells our products directly to you. That means you get to choose from any number of our highly styled products and select from a plethora of materials, colors, and finishes to match your personal design scheme. Our products are made in America with quality materials, assembled with craftsman quality, and finished to perfection. Although our products offer most of the luxuries of the high end furniture, we do not offer the same price tag. Need more information? Contact us at or call 855-699-0334.