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Avanti System Quads Featured

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About Our Gallery

Our gallery above demonstrates Avanti in a quad formation. Each 65"h panel is shown in a maple wood frame with a satin sheen. The panels are designed with an angular top panel in a metallic finish which is complemented by a shimmery blue acoustical tile below. The bottom tile is finished with a maple wood veneer that matches the panel frame. Work surfaces are done in maple wood supported by brushed chrome legs.

This configuration is useful in applications where relative privacy may be needed or situations where workers perform individual tasks and collaboration with teammates may be distracting. The tackable midsection of the panel provides sound absorption whereas the lower portion of the panel is finished in a maple wood where panels typically get the most wear. This combination guards against panels becoming soiled by constant wear and tear.

The blend of rich maple wood on the lower panels and work surfaces together with brushed metal provides a light natural airy feel about the space combined with a modern flare. The shimmery blue fabric against the subtly of maple gives this station a nice pop.

Quad Layout Benefits

  • Provides semi-private workspace
  • While closing off most visual distraction it allows relative communication
  • Freestanding furniture allows mobile ease
  • While conservation of real estate is important the environment feels homey and comfortable

Key Features

Avanti is a panel based system that helps balance privacy with collaboration. Intelligent Solutions!

  • Manage real estate costs by designing work space size and layout.
  • A wide breadth of panel heights helps balance privacy in needed work spaces and promotes collaboration in others.
  • A free-standing work table promotes flexibility and mobility for collaboration.
  • Provides simple electrical plug in for up to eight work stations without the need for expensive electrical installation
  • Provides easy installation for “do-it-yourselfers”.

Design Flexibility

  • Choose from schemes that includes your choice of colored or clear glass, frosted or textured.
  • Choose from a plethora of laminate colors, textures and designs.
  • Choose from an array of panel frame wood finishes or lacquers colors.
  • Choose any design combination of tri-segmented panel
  • Choose any fabric for tack-able panel application

Check out our Finish gallery to see all of your available choices.

Collaborative Flexibility

  • Promote team collaboration easily and effortlessly with work space mobility
  • Collaborative flexibility aids in team connection, trust and shared knowledge

Avanti office furniture system is the embodiment of decades of experience we at 90 degrees have accumulated in selling, designing space planning and building office furniture.

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