Incorporated with the Avanti system is a unique power/data system that brings technology right where you need it to be. It’s clean, easy and straight forward. Our focus was to provide a simplistic, uninvolved solution to power and data distribution that is simplistic, easy to install and at the same time provides the tools you need to get work done fast. No panels to dismantle, no degree in engineering needed to install. Using laptop computers? No problem, simply pop open the lid right at your desktop and plug in. Desktop computers? No problem, get power and data built right into the underside of your work surface. Powering your workspace has never been easier.

Avanti makes distributing power to your work spaces easy.

  •   No need for complicated installations
  •   No need for costly electrical connections
  •   Just plug and use
  •   Power and data are brought right to your fingertips at your desk top

Avanti's non-sequential power system allows users to “daisy chain” multiple power centers together. But it’s the way this system uses its brain that makes all the difference. It’s the way that Avanti uses its “brain” and allows users to connect up to 8 power/data centers off of one in-feed. The 3-way splitter also enables users to expand or consolidate power access as needed.

Avanti's power system was even created with smart LED indicators that illuminate green when you’re connected and ready to plug in. (A red light means that you've linked too many units.) Avanti's power system with its hard-working construction and easy-to-use interface is sure to win high marks in the cubicle work station telemarketing stations, conference room—or any room.

Avanti's power system is a plug and work system. It’s UL 962 recognized, allowing users plug into standard electrical outlets and you are ready to work. No conduit or electrician needed.

When it comes to simple, smart design, Avanti really scores. Just plug it in!

System Features

  • Customizable in-feed cord lengths: get the power where you need it
  • Non-sequential: arrange and rearrange quickly and easily, in any order you want
  • Multi-directional splitters: power for everyone that goes everywhere
  • System status indicator: green light means go, red light indicates too many units connected
  • Connect up to 8 power/data centers off of one in-feed: a highly-capable and robust system
  • Works with many of our power/data centers: a range of styles to suit your style
  • UL 962 recognized: pair with furniture to create UL listed solutions
  • Modular connections: it all comes together in a snap!


Look what’s popping up now: The next generation of flexible desktop power and data solutions for Avanti work station applications.

Retractable and durably constructed modular high output convenient outlets makes work more functional and productive. With a fluid one touch door that remains open during use. Constructed out of clear anodized aluminum, they are scalable to meet the varying power, data, and audio/visual requirements. Each unit includes a voice/data adapter kit (A/V adapter kits and voice/data jacks sold separately). MHO is UL listed and available with 15 amp cord


Presenting an open and shut case for good business: The next generation of flexible desktop power and data solutions for multi-media conference meetings. outlets are designed with one touch double doors that functions as cable management portals that close while in use. Constructed out of clear anodized aluminum, they are scalable to meet the varying power, data, and audio/visual requirements. Each unit includes a voice/data adapter kit (A/V adapter kits and voice/data jacks sold separately). MHO2 is UL Listed and available with 15amp cord


Power to the people! And with MX2 power data solutions that means a whole lot of power to a whole lot of people. Designed for high density user areas, the back to back design is ideal for application that require additional capacity with minimal footprint. It is constructed of clear anodized aluminum and scalable to offer the most flexibility of any product of its kind. Each unit includes a voice/date adapter kit (A/V adapter kits and voice/data jacks sold separately). M2X is UL listed and available with a 15 amp cord.


Need a better way to connect for business? Our updated MiniPort and Interport are the solution. Now with fluid one touch action, an updated profile, and improved functionality, it’s available in soft touch finishes and molded color.



Flat surfaces have always been off-limits when if came to power and data – until now. Axil Z I a flat mount power/data center, featuring a newly engineered and patented water-proof outlet – a design that delivers a groundbreaking, UL Listed solution parallel to any work surface. Constructive out of anodized aluminum and laser cut steel, Axil Z is a robust scalable and customizable power/date solution. Each unit includes a voice data adapter kit (A/V adapter kits and voice/data jacks are available separately). Axil Z is UL Listed and available in 15 amp cord.

Avanti system furniture is designed to be complemented with a broad range of decorative vertical surface material. It is designed and constructed with an sturdy hardwood frame and can be finished in several coordinating wood finishes. Colors of fabric, laminate, glass and or metal are yours to choose. Customer’s own material or paint matching available.

Tackable Panels

Tackable panels are constructed of hardwood framing and are tri-segmented by any combination of tackable, acoustical tiles with upholstered fabric overlay, acrylic glass, and laminate and/or wood tile choices. Tackable tiles provide the panels with lower sound density that serves as a barrier for noise migration. Each end panel is finished in one of many wood tones, painted gloss or satin lacquer with no panel to panel connections. Base covers are finished and fitted with magnetic catches. Although Avanti systems provide under work surface power and communications Avanti also provides an optional panel cavity at the base for subsequent communicative wiring. Base covers are removable for quick access, no tools required. At base of panel are positioned leveling glides to adjust panels to uneven floors. Panel ends provide riveted grommet holes for simple panel connectivity.

No need for cumbersome top caps insofar as panel connections are made through the core. Panel tops are sleek and finished in all areas.

Panel tri-segmented appointments are detachable and inter exchangeable. Want to change your color scheme? Need to replace damaged pieces? It’s easy, just pop off the old tile and replace with a the new.

Panel Dimensions:

  • Thickness: 2 ¼”
  • Panel Widths: 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, and 60”
  • Heights: 33”, 41”, 53”, 65” and 80”

Connections: Panel connectors join panels together in the following formations; “L” “Y” “T” “X” or straight lines.

Power Poles: Bring power and communications from the ceiling and attaches to “L” “T” “X” or “Y” connections.

Although Avanti panels are designed to be a work surface power management system, it provides a 4” wire cavity in the base of the panel and also (vertically) through the panel core.

Shipped with every panel are pass-through bolts that join panels of the same height together.

Helping you get your work done by providing options, information and selections that aid you in making informed decisions about your work tools is a goal of 90 Degree Office Concepts. 90 Degree Office Concepts provides a plethora of work surface tools, including sizes, shapes, materials and ideas that help you get your work done faster, comfortably and with style. Whether it’s about serving your collaboration needs, private work area, utility, meetings or creating a style all you own, 90 Degree Office Concepts can help you create it your way.

Work surfaces are available in a wide selection of materials and sizes. Custom sizes are available.

Work surface support options:

Brushed Metal stationery legs; these come ready to install. With one screw assembly you are ready to work in a jiffy

Brushed metal folding legs; unfold these and you are up and running.

Work surfaces options include power and date capabilities. Check out all of our options.

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