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What you see first is what you remember most and what you see most when you enter your reception area is Mimas. The straight modern lines of Mimas announce its modern profile from first glance. The unique design of Mimas lets all onlookers know that the mindedness of your company is in today and tomorrow. The array of sculptured surface materials is there for your visual appetite under specialty material/finishes by which to choose your perfect style. Mimas lets you project open airy receptivity while having modest privacy of translucent acrylic glass.

Mimas I

Mimas is contemporary styled office reception furniture that combines simplicity with sculptured art. This station shows off its 10’ presence with a 2” thick work surface inlayed with a frosty white matte laminate and white lacquer edging. Softly tinted frosted acrylic glass provides visual privacy while the sculptured wood finished in white lacquer surrenders a textured contrast.

Mimas II

Mimas II shows off its design flexibility by demonstrating its unique reception furniture style. The Hot Metal sculptured art adds a contemporary attitude to the office lobby. The brushed metal work surface provides modern dynamics together with practical utility. Soft white frosted acrylic glass creates visual privacy. Wire management conceals cords from view

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Mimas speaks the word modern in any language, and its unique combination of materials will leave a lasting impression in anyone’s mind. Mimas combines a little ornate texture finished in white satin lacquer with clean straight lines. It shows its white laminate work surface edged with white lacquer 3mm edge banding. Embedded in its core is a polished edge section of frosted acrylic glass that provides the receiver with open privacy.

  • Shows adjacent as 10’ x 30”
  • Sculptured art provides unique office furniture texture
  • Design your own color, texture and material combination
  • Contemporary style


  • Choice of sculptured art - see selections under specialty finishes/materials
  • Choice of laminates
  • Pedestal file optional
  • Available with left or right desk return
  • Wire management
  • Power options

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