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Okay so you’re moving into a new office and you don’t know where to begin.

  • Your plan is budget specific and you need help with balance
  • You want to match the finish of existing furniture
  • You have furniture needs that require specifics in size or color and you don’t know where to turn
  • You are moving and you don’t know how to plan for your employees
  • You need to maximize the utilization of space or function within your existing space
  • You have a certain look that you are going for and you need help

At 90 Degree Office Concepts we offer you a solution to all of the above and more.  We realize how important your business is to you and that you have worked hard to get to where you are now. We want to help you continue and accelerate your growth process.

Call today, 855-My90Degree for your free design consultation.

Shipping & Installation

Shipping and installing modern office furniture nationwide can be a breeze when working with 90 Degree Office Concepts because of our national network of shipping, receiving and installation professionals. What this means to you is that you get the lowest shipping costs along with professional receiving and installation professionals trained in contemporary office setup.

Quotes for shipping and installation are a separate line items on your office furniture sales order. Included on your sales order will be your estimated delivery date together with an installation date.  The installtion date may be different thatn the actual delivery date of your furniture.  If there are special building requests, i.e. restricted move times, restricted labor requirements etc. please make sure these have been discussed ahead of time and they are clearly stated on your sales order. Our team will ensure protection of all needed building properties and removal of all packaging materials. Our goal is to setup your new office space with beautiful contemporary office furniture that makes your office sizzle, and to make your transition as painless as possible.

Got the Moving Blues?

So many people tear their hair out because they try to manage and orchestrate endless aggravating moving office details they knew little about -- like construction, dealing with municipalities, moving furniture, designing new office space, setting up the new layout to maximize potential, and more.

On top of that, every single one of the aforementioned categories has countless subcategories of frustration. Now, if you are like most people responsible for a big move, this may seem like a walk in the park at first. I promise you, though: things you aren’t even thinking about right now will end up rattling your brain and keeping you up at night.

We can help!  We can take the weight off of you and help you transform your existing nightmare into a pleasant relaxing transition.

  1. Help you manage all moving details
  2. Help manage municipal details
  3. Help manage utility installations
  4. Facilitate equipment placement and connections
  5. Consult and devise new office logistics
  6. Design and create space plan for new space
  7. Implement design detail
  8. Orchestrate transition
Change your office turnoff into a modern office turnkey. Call us at 855-699-0334 to get started today!

Custom office furnitureOkay, so you have a specific style in mind that you can not satisfy in the marketplace, a style that is indigenous to your brand, business’s performance, a statement as to who you are in the world, . Let us help you make that statment.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we realize your business is important to you. You have worked hard in establishing and maintaining your presence in the marketplace. Finding creative ways to help you do your job better and look good while doing it, is our speciality.

Match Form and Function

If you are like most of our clients, you are not an expert at office planning, design, system support, or productivity science. Rest assured that you can employ our many years of experience and research to take you from your current design cycle standpoint to one that more consistently matches your preferred professional goals, results and outcome.Maximize Existing Real Estate

We can help you manage square-footage issues by showing you the most cost-effective space management possible for your existing office plan. We will assist you in choosing the optimal type, size, shape, style and materials to perfectly match the highly specific demands of your office setting. If your business is like most, it is made up of many small components comprising a larger system; in other words, many facets work together to create the total output of your company. We can help you select the perfect tools for each job, thereby rendering each task easier and faster for both you and your employees.

Intentional Impact

In a black-and-white world filled with infinite shades of grey, the eye will consistently be attracted to red. By decisively separating yourself from the herd with a pop of color or an ingenious design, you radiate confidence and create your own unique level of accessibility and authority. Our products will help you achieve design success while promoting the greatest possible efficiency and productivity for your company. Because they are created with an immense amount of forethought and designed according to proven logic, their intelligent components and clean lines make them stand out from the crowd. The idea is to convey a straightforward, direct message to your clients about the nature of your business. Though appointed with an amazing degree of technological functionality, the visual impact of your space remains radically simplified and clear – perfect for the formulation of brilliant ideas.

Let Your Personality Shine

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we know that you have a personality like no other – and so does your business. We encourage you to express your executive personality with great artistic freedom. We have found that opting for ready-made furniture inevitably limits quality, personal esthetic, choice and expression. Getting out-of-the-box furniture to do what you need it to do, the way you need it to, can prove nearly impossible, depending upon the existing layout provided by your building. Many businesses simply give up, and choose to settle for the closest approximation of what they really want. To remedy situations like this, we have assembled a kaleidoscopic array of choices in finishes, laminates, wood, glass, stone, and metal to satisfy the most discriminating taste. We understand the importance of designing furniture to suit a wide variety of forward-thinking executives.

Whether your needs require planning or a specific type of office furniture that will aid in your business function, or enhance your image, we can help. Perhaps you have an idea or design in mind that you need help bringing to reality. Bringing creative ideas to life are our passion.

To the novice project planning could be a daunting task.

Our team of professionals can help take the guesswork out of your project.

  • We can help you understand your needs even if they are not clear at first.
  • Concerned about costs?
    We can help you establish budgets and choose the right solutions for your business needs.
  • We can help you balance your space with; privacy, collaboration, power, technology, and design.
  • Worried about the written format your design is on?
    Don’t be! We can transform any idea, whether scribbled on a napkin or drawn out to scale, into a workable plan.

Ride the Cutting Edge

iStock 000018432782XSmallIn recent years, the world has changed radically within a very short time. Stability and product longevity have traded places with fast-paced evolution, innovation and flexibility. Any company unwilling to play by the new rules has written its own prescription for a shortened economic lifespan, minimized relevance and questionable viability. Conceptualizing your own innovative work environment ahead of the game allows you to implement company-wide innovation within your business – across all hierarchies, assignments and job descriptions. Products from 90 Degree Office Products make an intelligent, progressive, super-modern office lifestyle accessible to everyone, and your company reaps the benefits.

Manage Perception

In today's business world, perception is everything. What people believe and perceive about you, your company and your products often becomes more valuable than the tangible reality of what you actually have to offer. Perception can evolve on its own, straying off into uncharted territory; or it can be guided with precision, intention and purpose. You get to choose. We can help you transform your unique vision for your business into physical reality. It's no secret that human beings remember people, places and things according to past experience and how they have been taught. Matching human commonalities and known functional concepts to futuristic, hyper-innovative design helps to make learning and recall faster, easier, and more consistent for your team. While we are not behavioral scientists at 90-Degree Office Concepts, our extensive research in related areas will assist you in selecting designs that measurably improve the performance of your business.

Planned Productivity

A clear concept of the way you do business now, combined with your precise vision for the future, helps us to help you create the optimal formula for your success. By planning ahead for productivity, you increase the speed, ease and efficiency of your team's performance, and get more work done in the same amount of time. Access to the proper tools and the right knowledge can help you to accomplish this feat with ease. We can help you build your perfect strategy.

Instant Adaptability

We get it. Any growing company, in our modern technological era, needs to build the possibility for massive progress and change directly into their design scheme from day one. For maximum impact, businesses do best when they opt for office furniture that is able to serve more than just a single purpose. In reality, it must be able to change layout quickly, exchange components with zero fuss, and facilitate effortless sharing of information. No problem! Our staff can help you build in the right amount of flexibility to suit your needs. With our intelligent design, the light-bulb ideas, instant cultural innovations and progressive solutions of the modern business landscape could be happening within the context of YOUR business!

Get Started Today!

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At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we hire top-flight craftspeople and employ only the finest materials available. Our specialized manufacturing system allows us to build every order custom-made just for you at no extra charge, providing a solid foundation for impeccable quality. As a result, you receive a product far superior to anything you could buy out of the box. We also keep our prices remarkably affordable and within reach. Because we do not operate from a dealer-based network, we deliver beautifully-crafted, modern office furniture directly to you at wholesale prices. Quality craftsmanship lengthens the life cycle of your investment and saves you significant money on replacement costs. Our goal is to manufacture furniture that will live far past the usual life expectancy.

Getting the Right Fit

We realize that everything you place in your office is a reflection of you and your standards – and what goes into your space reflects equally upon us. We offer extensive design consultation, allowing you to readily choose ideal pieces to match the specific needs of your business. Allow us to provide digital renderings of your anticipated office layout, effectively ending the struggle of trying to envision what your furniture will look like in your space. Our expertise helps you match your selected design plan to the exact conceptual and esthetic message you wish to convey about your business. We will take care of all the details, and assist you in putting your chosen elements together for maximum functionality, impact and artistic effect. We can help you choose the best type, size, shape, style and materials to match your current professional demands and goals.

Infinite Possibility

Our endless selection includes a truly unparalleled array of textures, materials and colors. Let us put it all together for you, and help you create a work environment that is uniquely your own. We offer a plethora of materials, fabrics, wood types, finishes and laminates to give you just the right look. We understand that you and your business are special, and that you have your own ideas about what you want your business to say. Only you can accurately express your own particular passion. For this reason, we offer you the flexibility to let the visual impact of your office act as an extension of your own unique taste and message. Let your style speak for itself!

Take a Step Up

Feel free to allow our team to work with you to get those creative juices flowing. Why settle for a work environment that is sleepy, tired or just plain worn out? We can help you make your office come alive with buzzing, productive energy, and find creative yet practical solutions to bring out the best in everyone who works with you.  

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