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Project Planning Services For Your Office

To the novice project planning could be a daunting task.

Our team of professionals can help take the guesswork out of your project.

  • We can help you understand your needs even if they are not clear at first.
  • Concerned about costs?
    We can help you establish budgets and choose the right solutions for your business needs.
  • We can help you balance your space with; privacy, collaboration, power, technology, and design.
  • Worried about the written format your design is on?
    Don’t be! We can transform any idea, whether scribbled on a napkin or drawn out to scale, into a workable plan.

Ride the Cutting Edge

iStock 000018432782XSmallIn recent years, the world has changed radically within a very short time. Stability and product longevity have traded places with fast-paced evolution, innovation and flexibility. Any company unwilling to play by the new rules has written its own prescription for a shortened economic lifespan, minimized relevance and questionable viability. Conceptualizing your own innovative work environment ahead of the game allows you to implement company-wide innovation within your business – across all hierarchies, assignments and job descriptions. Products from 90 Degree Office Products make an intelligent, progressive, super-modern office lifestyle accessible to everyone, and your company reaps the benefits.

Manage Perception

In today's business world, perception is everything. What people believe and perceive about you, your company and your products often becomes more valuable than the tangible reality of what you actually have to offer. Perception can evolve on its own, straying off into uncharted territory; or it can be guided with precision, intention and purpose. You get to choose. We can help you transform your unique vision for your business into physical reality. It's no secret that human beings remember people, places and things according to past experience and how they have been taught. Matching human commonalities and known functional concepts to futuristic, hyper-innovative design helps to make learning and recall faster, easier, and more consistent for your team. While we are not behavioral scientists at 90-Degree Office Concepts, our extensive research in related areas will assist you in selecting designs that measurably improve the performance of your business.

Planned Productivity

A clear concept of the way you do business now, combined with your precise vision for the future, helps us to help you create the optimal formula for your success. By planning ahead for productivity, you increase the speed, ease and efficiency of your team's performance, and get more work done in the same amount of time. Access to the proper tools and the right knowledge can help you to accomplish this feat with ease. We can help you build your perfect strategy.

Instant Adaptability

We get it. Any growing company, in our modern technological era, needs to build the possibility for massive progress and change directly into their design scheme from day one. For maximum impact, businesses do best when they opt for office furniture that is able to serve more than just a single purpose. In reality, it must be able to change layout quickly, exchange components with zero fuss, and facilitate effortless sharing of information. No problem! Our staff can help you build in the right amount of flexibility to suit your needs. With our intelligent design, the light-bulb ideas, instant cultural innovations and progressive solutions of the modern business landscape could be happening within the context of YOUR business!

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Jul 24, 2014