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Designing Your Office to Reduce Your Work Load Through Cognitive Science

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Modern casinos have changed their approach with regard to how slot machines are used. When we think of these machines, we typically think of feeding in coins, pulling down a massive arm and waiting for the results to display on turning wheels. Modern slot machines, however, no longer require the actions of pulling of a lever or inserting coins to play. The process has been streamlined: one has only to swipe a charge card and press a button. Although a nonfunctional (cognitive) lever remains for ornamental purposes, the reduction in work (kinematic load) adds ease to the activity and makes it easier for the house to be profitable.

SlotMachines 35090 Degree Office Concepts promotes similar strategies in your office. Science inevitably affects all of our work and output: the greater the physical or mental effort required to perform a task, the greater the amount of time, effort, and probability of error in its completion. If the performance load is low, both work time and probability of error are decreased, thus measurably increasing our chances for success.

There exist two types of performance load: cognitive load and kinematic load. In brief, cognitive load represents the amount of thinking, problem solving, perception and memory required to perform a task. Kinematic load, on the other hand, represents the amount of physical activity required, i.e., the quantity of steps or movements, or the amount of effort needed to complete a job.

Few people stop to consider office design from a scientific perspective. However, the more technology continues to infiltrate our world, the more strategically we need to think. The end result can, if all goes well, echo the casino slot machine example given above. By using tools of the proper size and shape, in the right place and at the right time, the kinematic load in your office can be reduced. Similarly, by implementing effective systems and supporting them with physical design that reduces unnecessary thinking and problem solving, 90 Degree Office Concepts can work to create more productive workspaces for your business.

Your office design should minimize performance load as much as humanly possible. Let us help you reduce thinking unrelated to the work at hand by matching your systems of operation with the proper tools that eliminate unnecessary information and automate as many details as possible. Creating environments that support and direct constructive thinking is a great tool to aid memory among staff. When there is a disparity between what we say and what we show, it is more difficult to effectuate effortless recall. Minimize kinematic load by streamlining steps in your process, labor, physical locations of materials, meetings and office technology.

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