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Top Quality Office Furniture & Personalized Service


At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we hire top-flight craftspeople and employ only the finest materials available. Our specialized manufacturing system allows us to build every order custom-made just for you at no extra charge, providing a solid foundation for impeccable quality. As a result, you receive a product far superior to anything you could buy out of the box. We also keep our prices remarkably affordable and within reach. Because we do not operate from a dealer-based network, we deliver beautifully-crafted, modern office furniture directly to you at wholesale prices. Quality craftsmanship lengthens the life cycle of your investment and saves you significant money on replacement costs. Our goal is to manufacture furniture that will live far past the usual life expectancy.

Getting the Right Fit

We realize that everything you place in your office is a reflection of you and your standards – and what goes into your space reflects equally upon us. We offer extensive design consultation, allowing you to readily choose ideal pieces to match the specific needs of your business. Allow us to provide digital renderings of your anticipated office layout, effectively ending the struggle of trying to envision what your furniture will look like in your space. Our expertise helps you match your selected design plan to the exact conceptual and esthetic message you wish to convey about your business. We will take care of all the details, and assist you in putting your chosen elements together for maximum functionality, impact and artistic effect. We can help you choose the best type, size, shape, style and materials to match your current professional demands and goals.

Infinite Possibility

Our endless selection includes a truly unparalleled array of textures, materials and colors. Let us put it all together for you, and help you create a work environment that is uniquely your own. We offer a plethora of materials, fabrics, wood types, finishes and laminates to give you just the right look. We understand that you and your business are special, and that you have your own ideas about what you want your business to say. Only you can accurately express your own particular passion. For this reason, we offer you the flexibility to let the visual impact of your office act as an extension of your own unique taste and message. Let your style speak for itself!

Take a Step Up

Feel free to allow our team to work with you to get those creative juices flowing. Why settle for a work environment that is sleepy, tired or just plain worn out? We can help you make your office come alive with buzzing, productive energy, and find creative yet practical solutions to bring out the best in everyone who works with you.